The Cabin

Remote lake with Northern Pike. Relaxed learning experience. You can visit with Real, full time bush people, if you choose. They live on the lake, year round. Read a good book, or write a book in the peace and quiet. The light in the living room is amazing for painting on canvas. The cabin is off grid, but with a back-up generator for the coffee pot, Very warm oil heater.

Wildlife viewing of trumpeter swans, eagles, ravens, ducks, moose, and so on. There are air taxi charters available for other types of fishing or flight seeing. 

The Cabin sleeps 6 adults

Two bunks
One full size bed
One full size futon
Indoor toilet, Laveo dry flush, check it out. Best invention ever.
Clean and bright outhouse outside.


Kitchen stuff: Propane stove and refrigerator, barbeque grill.

Supplied with all the dishes you need, silverware, cooking utensils, pots and pans, cutting boards .   Normal cooking supplies, cooking oil, salt, pepper and so. 


You bring your own food. Shop online or in the store at Fred Meyers, Walmart , or Natural pantry in Anchorage, when you arrive.

What to bring

Come prepared, as this is the Alaska wilderness. If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change. Temperatures can vary from 50 – 90 degrees. Layers work best.

In the summer you need a waterproof, good quality, hiking boot, and comfortable muck boots. Hiking is not on a trail system, and at times the tundra can be like walking on a water soaked sponge. Slip on shoes for around the cabin and plenty of socks. Good quality rain gear and a hat. Outer layer jacket. Personal items, toiletries, camera, sunglasses, binoculars.

Warm boots and plenty of socks. Boots make your feet damp, and keeping your feet dry keeps you warmer. Winter hat, gloves, thick outer shell parka, snow or wool pants, long underwear, Once again think layers. If you want to snow machine, a good quality one or two piece snowsuit is optimal.

What to do Summer

In the summer you can fish for northern pike, or paddle the small boat around the lake, enjoying the serenity of the water lapping against the sides. You can hike around or relax on the deck. There is plenty of bird watching too. Moose frequent the lake, and you have a chance of seeing the newly born calves, as they frolic around their mom.

You can charter a float plane for other type of fishing, salmon, dolly’s and so on. Read, write, paint, walk, take a well deserved nap.

Whatever you choose to do, soak in the peace and solitude. Mother Nature, has a way of reconnecting our chaotic lives.

What to do Winter

In the winter there is snowshoeing, cross country skiing, guided snow machine trips. The Iron dog snow machine race, and Iditarod sled dog race are just a few miles by snow machine. You can watch them as they go by. Gaze at the star studded sky in all it’s glory, without the washout of city lights. On the nights the northern lights blaze across the sky, you will stand in silence, an appreciate the awesomeness of mother nature.

There are many people who live year around in the area, and three of them are right out the back door. You will have a chance to meet them, and find out the reality of living in the bush, versus the reality shows on tv.

How to get there

Your unique experience will begin from Willow, Alaska. Our bush planes will be on floats in the summer and skis in the winter. Once you arrive at the cabin, the plane heads back to Willow. You’ll hear the fading drone of the engine, in the distance, and then you’ll notice a new sound. The Sounds of Silence. A sound not often heard, in this day and age. Welcome, to peace and quiet.  

Add-on Excursions

We have guided snow machine trips in the winter with miles and miles of trails. At times you will find yourselves on the trail used by the Iron Dog and Iditarod racers. If you are booked at the time of the Iditarod race, you can see them running the trails, and take part in the bonfires along the way. The people who live in the bush full time, use these trails to haul supplies, and get their firewood for the year. You will often see the freighters running the rivers and side trails. There are also lodges along the rivers, that make some pretty good food.

 You don’t need a guide to fish at the lake cabin. On the other hand, if you would like to fish for salmon, dollies and so on, we offer guided fishing trips.

Just let us know what might interest you, when you give us a call.

2019 Rates and Refund policy

3 night stay:
$1,300.00 per person based on double occupancy, $1,000.00 per person after that.
6 night stay:
$2,200.00 per person based on double occupancy, $1,600.00 per person after that.

Your flight is included in the price. You will be leaving from Willow. Alaska

50% deposit within 7 days to confirm reservation, and is non refundable.  Balance due 60 days prior to departure, and is non refundable, if you cancel 55 prior to departure. 

If you have any concerns, please purchase trip insurance. While we will do everything possible to get you there, weather can interfere.









Alaska Bush Cabin


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